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I am a multidisciplinary designer with 10+ years of experience.

My activities are based on an in-depth analysis of websites in terms of user behavior, I focus on optimizing the user path and increasing conversion rates. I have experience in conducting A/B tests, implementing analytical tools and data verification. Additionally, I have extensive experience in creating graphics for brand identification. I specialize in creating logos, business cards and other visual elements that create a coherent brand image. When working with development teams, I use my good knowledge of CSS and HTML. This knowledge facilitates effective communication and improves project implementation.

In my work, I am looking for answers to the questions of what design is, what users expect from the product. Driven by curiosity about design principles and user expectations, I constantly increase my experience in these areas.

  • Birthday : 12 November 1984

  • Degree : Master of art

  • Website :

  • Phone : +48 600 469 694

  • E-mail :

  • City : Teodorówka, Poland

My Resume


Software Development Academy

2021 - 2022


  • Introduction to the design process and collection of business requirements.
  • Analysis of IT requirements.
  • Creating an information architecture.
  • Mock-up and validation of concepts.
  • Lo-fi and Hi-fi mock-up.
Altkom Akademia- Courses

2013 - 2014

  • Certified CMS+HTML+CSS expert
  • Design modern interfaces for HTML5+CSS3+JS Applications.
  • HTML JS and Photoshop.
College: Pedagogical university faculty of arts

2004 - 2009

Major: Artistic education of visual arts

Obtained title: a master's degree of art

High School: State school of fine arts

1999 - 2004

Major: Unique forms

Obtained title: a technician of art


Agencja KS

2023 - now

UX / Web Analytics Specialist

  • User Research.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Collaborating with the Design Teams.
  • Implementing Analytics.
  • A/B testing.
  • Lo-fi and Hi-fi mock-up.
Intern UX/UI


UX/UI Mentorship Program conducted by Dawid Tkocz

  • Analysis of user stories.
  • Creating an information architecture for application.
  • Creating user flow.
  • Lo-fi and Hi-fi mock-up.
Company: “Emka-Studio” self- employed

2011 - 2024

Graphic designer - business owner

  • Creating websites - from design to implementation on CMS systems.
  • Website service.
  • Website hosting and database support.
  • Ensuring accessibility and implementing WCAG rules for supported websites.
  • Creating a comprehensive visual identity for companies: logos, flyers, signs for cars, posters for advertisement.
  • Administration in the company.
Company: "Besco Sp. z o.o."

2008 - 2009

Graphic designer - utility forms designer

  • Preparation of graphics.
  • Designing bathtubs.
  • Cooperation with the production department in the creation of new forms of products.

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